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Rhizonex Testimonials

I have been working with this company for approximately one year on a project of varying complexity. My experience has consistently been very positive. Both their professionalism and technical competence far exceeds those of other company we have worked with in the past. I hope to have a continuing relationship and give my strongest recommendations


Did a really great job on what we asked for. This company was up front about tasks and what needed to happen to get our job done. They are Very professional team. We look forward to continuing to work with Rhizonex.


Rhizonex has been professional and quite great to work with. I have been depending on them for the delivery of our platform for the past 2 years and they are very capable, respectful, diligent, and talented developers. I recommend their work!"


Great work by the Rhizonex Team. The team is competent. The project was to create a great UI for an Android Application. Wiring with data was not part of the mandate. We initially started work on the mockups and the person from Rhozonex was great with his mock ups. The developers did a good job in implementing the mockups into the app..


I have been involved with software development for 13 years and Rhizonex has been by far the best experience I have had with any vendor. Their developers are extremely knowledgeable, their designers are great and all in all the experience working with them has been fantastic. I can recommend them to anybody who needs a modern, responsive web application


Rhizonex did a great job for us. We had pretty complex tasks which required more than basic web-development skills. Rhizonex had the perfect staff for these tasks. They did professional software engineering and were also very patient with us. Good Job.


Highly recommend these guys. they where on time and asked for more time before the end dates and really responsive...quality of work great as well They where very patient with me an my fickleness. Thanks guys look forward to doing some more work"


Great service, never any issues, quality work, good creativity, worth the time for sure."